Melbourne’s Hidden Underground. A Journey Beneath Surface

Imagine walking in Melbourne’s vibrant lanes and busy streets. Imagine a hidden world beneath your foot, full of stories, secrets and structures which hold the city in place. Melbourne takes on a completely new dimension.

Ever wondered what lies under those iconic tram tracks that you see? Not just dirt or pipes. Melbourne’s subterranean is a labyrinth filled with tunnels, bluestone foundations and secret hideaways. Take a dive into the subterranean world.

Melbourne was once the center of a gold-rush. During the 1850s people came here in hopes of finding gold. The gold-digging above ground was not the only thing going on. Mine workers didn’t simply dig for gold; they created tunnel networks to conceal their treasures. Some of these passageways exist today, hidden beneath modern infrastructure.

Fast forward now to the early twentieth century. Engineers decided to construct a rail loop underground to alleviate congestion on the street above. It wasn’t a simple project. At the time, it was a work of engineering. Imagine digging down into the ground, while trams or cars continue to zip along above.

Not all tunnels and railways are about trains. Ever heard of Little Lon? The late 1800s was a time when this area, near Little Lonsdale Street in London, was known for its brothels and slums. Archaeologists discovered fascinating artifacts from the 1800s under modern buildings.

Melbourne is known for its bluestone lanes, which are charming cobbled streets. The stones that make up the laneways are actually part of an intricate 19th-century drainage system.

Have you ever visited Flinders Street Station? You might be surprised to learn that beneath the iconic facade of Flinders Street Station lies an abandoned Ballroom. Yes, it’s true! This grand space is now collecting dust. But during World War II, soldiers used to waltz their worries away before they went into battle.

Melbourne’s wastewater system is impressive, especially when you consider how much garbage a city grows produces each day. The main sewer lines run deep underground along Elizabeth Street. This used to have been a creek. Unsung heroes keep things clean below ground while we are blissfully unaware.

Talking of unsung heros, what about those below us who work tirelessly? Maintenance crews work tirelessly to keep things running smoothly in the dark and confined spaces below so we don’t have to think about it!

We seldom stop to consider what’s underneath the beautiful street art in Federation Square and Degraves Street. Remember that beneath Melbourne’s surface, there’s a history of intrigue and mystery waiting to be explored.

If someone ever mentions Melbourne’s vibrant culture, be sure to also mention the city’s incredible underbelly. You might be surprised by how much of it goes unnoticed but has played a vital role in shaping Melbourne as we know it today.

The city of Melbs is a bustling metropolis that has a lot to offer, and you can explore it with your family members.