How long can non-surgical Rhinoplasty last

Do you dislike the shape of the nose, but fear surgery? You might want to look into a new, revolutionary procedure known as the non-surgical noes job.

Contrary to the conventional nose jobs which are performed under anesthesia with a procedure lasting 1-2 hours and often accompanied by discomfort, this non-surgical option can produce similar results within 15 minutes using only a small amount of numbing gel. The effects are immediate and last 1-2 year without any further treatment learn more.

Rhinoplasty recovery

After the surgery, you’ll have to spend a night in hospital and wear a nose splint from 7-10 days. You may need to wear dressings on each nostril during your stay in the clinic. It is recommended that swelling will take between six and eight weeks to heal. Bruising may subside two weeks after surgery. After your surgery it is advised that you refrain from working for a maximum of two weeks, and to avoid vigorous exercise for a minimum of six weeks. Follow-up will be done to monitor your progress.

How long is the procedure?

Nose Reshaping is a method that has many different features depending on your goals. Although there may be some visible scarring due to the fact that the surgical incisions were made both inside the nostrils and along their natural folds, the results will be very minimal. If your cosmetic surgeon adjusts the bone structure inside the nostril, he will do so without damaging the skin. It is then left to shrink and naturally fit into the new shape. The procedure is usually completed in two hours under a local anesthetic. The procedure is then followed by an intensive aftercare programme.

How long until full recovery?

Although recovery can vary from person-to-person, we generally recommend taking 10 days off of work and avoiding sports in the first 3 months. Seven to ten day after the surgery you may experience swelling, bruising or a swollen nose. The position of the reinforcement will also change. We will provide you with ongoing care and advice. You will be advised to limit blowing your nostrils in the two-week period following the procedure. You will see the final results of your Nose Reshaping after 6 to 12 months.

Surgical rhinoplasty techniques are permanent. Non-surgical rhinoplasty can now be done with advanced dermal augmentation options.

Non-Surgical nose job with flexible duration

We know that some people want temporary results, while other patients are looking for permanent results. Non-surgical procedures can provide patients with a longer lasting result than traditional surgical methods. This flexibility gives the patient more control of their results. The results are immediate and there is no recovery.

With a nonsurgical rhinoplasty, you can expect to see immediate results. In fact, your new rhinoplasty could be as close as a telephone call. What is the average duration of a Non-Surgical Nasal Job? The answer depends on many factors, including your desired result.