The Central Coast Thriving Garden Guide

Central Coast is the gardener’s dream. Imagine this: rich soil, abundant sunshine and salty breezes. There’s still more. Here, central coast gardening requires a little bit of know-how and persistence, as well as a lot of elbow grease.

Let’s start with pests. Oh, those pests! It can be like watching a B-rated horror movie in your own backyard with squash bugs, snails and aphids. Here’s how to get rid of them: mix soap and water. Works wonders! You can add a few drops of neem to your defense and make it virtually impenetrable.

Remember: it’s all about soil. Have you heard the phrase “feed the soil to feed your plant”? This isn’t some hippie-dippy rubbish. Healthy dirt equals healthy plants. Compost like your life depends on it. All banana peels, eggshells, and coffee grounds are fair game. If you do this correctly, your garden will come to life just like popcorn in the microwave.

Another riddle is watering. Watering your garden in a climate that is unpredictable can be a Herculean effort. Early in the morning is best to water your garden.